The Ministry of Health provides funding so every pregnant woman in New Zealand can receive free pregnancy care. You, or your partner, need to meet these rules set by the Ministry:

  1. Are a NZ citizen by birth or naturalization, OR
  2. Have permanent residence in NZ, OR
  3. Hold a work permit valid for at least two years.

The complete rules are set out on the Ministry of Health website at:

It is really important that you book with a midwife as soon as possible in the pregnancy to make sure they can provide care when needed.

During this stage of your pregnancy, you need to book in with a midwife or our obstetrician so that our team can help with your pregnancy and how it is progressing.

To book with one of our midwives, simply call 09 279 3377 from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 4.00pm, and our receptionist will arrange your appointment as soon as possible.

Our obstetrician provides a community-based service with no fees payable by the patient. An appointment is essential and can only be obtained by referral from your midwife or GP.

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